February 10, 2015

A Photographers Wedding Recommendations


I have shot a number of weddings and there’s so many things I can encourage my couples to have and/or to do for their big day. It not only impacts themselves and how their day goes, but it impacts their images and how they turn out. So this is my list on Wedding day recommendations!


Seriously though, I have gone through this so many times and I can’t tell you how unfortunate and frustrating this can be. Brides & Grooms, please have your guests unplug for your ceremony. Do you know how frustrating it gets when the bride is JUST about to walk down the isle, I’m ready to capture this beautiful shot and then BAM there’s someone who pokes their head out into the isle with an IPAD-no, not just a phone, but an ipad. I don’t want to be the one to disappoint you when you ask where your shot of you walking down the isle is and have to try to explain that so-and-so ruined the shot by not remaining seated and unplugged. When it comes to the reception, it’s totally fine, you can take all the shameless #selfies with guests you want, but I highly suggest and recommend that guests turn in their phones or just keep them in their pockets during your ceremony. You’re spending thousands of dollars on a photographer, let’s keep the photo taking to them 😉

2. Professional Hair & Make-up

I have rarely had this issue, but I figure why not put it out there! All my Brides are beautiful. Every-single-one-of-them, I only recommend having your Hair & Make-up done professionally, because they know what their doing, your hair will hold up and last all day (at least for the most important shots ;)) they know and can recommend what makeup suits not only you best but the theme to your wedding. Some kinds of makeup don’t actually look great in photos, and we want to avoid that!

3. Have your hair & make-up done in great lighting

This ties into #2, this is a recommendation from the photographer, for the photographer. I’ve had lots of make-up artists pick great spots right by large open windows with amazing lighting to do the Brides make-up, and then some do it in mixed lighting which can be frustrating for a photographer when we are trying to get the best shots of you, for you. So consider this! When having your hair, or at least make up done, try to pick an amazing spot with lots of natural lighting, it is extremely flattering as well.

4. Photo time is MY time

When it comes to having the wedding party’s photos done, and then the Couples portraits, I ask that all my couples refrain from having anyone join and tag along. The last thing I need is a family member, or a friend trying to do my job for me and telling you how to pose, or to “Wait hold it and look at me!!”. Then I end up with each person looking off in every direction but at me when I need them to, and trust me it sucks big time. I want you guys to enjoy these moments, and I also consider them down time for you. You’re about to see every one at the reception anyways so let’s hold off and photo taking with anyone else!  Another little add on, It’s mighty appreciated if you give your photographer at least 1-2 hours shooting time for all the portraits. Want to be even more amazing? Pick sunset for the couples portraits, you won’t regret it!

Thanks to everyone taking the time to read this! Don’t think that I’m being nit picky and that I’m not as laid-back as I say I am- I truly am! I just want each and every couple to have the opportunity to have the most amazing wedding photos they possibly can!