Hey! I’m Riana.



I am an introspective photographer.

I am someone who loves documenting the small and intimate contacts like hand holding, and the grand gestures of love that often blow us away.

I combine all of that with my love for light and shadows to inspire me to create these photographs.

I typically think of my work as thoughtful and rely on lighting to complete each image. 

much of my inspiration derives from the west coast, camping and being connected with nature.

I live for weddings with intimacy and a big family connection.

I want to build a relationship with you, your family and friends to understand who you are as people and be able to translate that in what I capture, and how these connections present themselves on your special day.



I also have a huge passion for self-love.

sometimes we have the biggest heart, are the most selfless and caring person.

but we don’t give ourselves the love we need.

A friend and I joked once about me being “the Naked Therapist”

but it’s true.

there is something so raw and vulnerable about being undressed in front of someone, and the whole story it can tell.

what your body language can tell.

I encourage everyone to open up with me, tell me their stories, why they want to be here, or simply need to be.

we will talk and laugh a lot during the time we are together and even sometimes cry.

my sessions are not just about how you look.

they are about how you feel inside when you see yourself

They are about finding and embracing your:


Self Worth.





if you feel a personal connection and as if something is sparking inside you when you read this, I would love to hear from you.


Little me details:

I have 2 little girls that are growing faster than I can keep up with.

I married one hell of a stud.

Our dog is wild

I am a firm believer in second chances and only choose to see the good in people.

The ocean is always calling me.

I would rather drive than fly

Lady Gaga is my idol

and I love Rap, dirty jokes and tea.

and butts.

and boobs.