Hey, I'm Riana!

vancouver wedding photographer

I’m honestly a pretty simple person, a bit introspective, not the most social butterfly but I’m cool with that. Photography is one of the most important things in my life (aside from my family) it’s the only way I express myself, as I’m not much for writing and gave up painting and drawing a long time ago. But sometimes I chat my husband’s ear off and say the same thing a billion times till I feel better-ha!

My typical day could look 2 ways. Bringing kids to school, running errands, editing, emails, marketing, picking up kids, feeding them, making dinner then spending time with the family and/or editing more. My other typical day is, being out of the city, camping, shooting weddings and adventuring around with my family. See something similar? No matter where I am or what I am doing my family is always with me (okay I might not bring my kids physically to the wedding but I’m sure you get what I’m going for). They truly mean the world to me and I could not be here, or be doing what I do without them. My Husband Bunthoeun-Just call him Booty- is my complete soul mate, we fit each other so well. He drives me crazy some days, but we say I love you every day. I think he’s the most handsome man I have ever met and could never picture my life without him. If you think that’s sappy, that is me. I can be pretty funny, a bit perverted and vulgar but when it comes down to him, I’m all love.

Getting back to being a photographer. I love working with light and shadows, for me, it’s what I like to use to really capture the essence or mood of my couples connection. Although I typically shoot on the dark and moody side, I adapt to whatever my lighting situation is like and what I think really depicts a wedding.

When it comes to boudoir/intimate lifestyle I’m 110% for self-love. Supporting women to love themselves, love each other and be upbringing and encouraging. With how media and society are these days, it is so easy for us to criticise our selves and that’s just a huge bummer. So whether you already love your body or need a little reassurance I am here to show you how gorgeous you are inside and outside, and reignite that spark of life within you.

Just like a dating profile, here are also my interests-haha

I love coffee and tea, horror movies, lady gaga, Toyota’s (specifically my 4runner)

camping, the west coast, my kids, my husband, my dog. Especially blood orange sorbetto and Pizza.