July 13, 2016

Alisia & Chandary’s Cambodian Ceremony – Calgary Wedding Photographer

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I can’t believe this day has finally come, but has also gone so quickly! This Cambodian wedding ceremony was beautiful and intimate, they are also a bit hectic as are all cambodian wedding ceremonies. I have first hand experience! Watching everyone sit with the monks is probably my favorite part, along side having the strings for good luck tied around your wrist. (you’ll see me always wearing mine from my wedding on my wrist).

Being close friends with these two for so many years is something I really cherish. Watching them raise their little boy who is exactly one month younger than my first born. We share so many funny and special memories. Coincidentally, with both of my pregnancies the day before I went in to labor I shot a family session for Alisia and Chan each time. Alisia is a strong and caring women who works so hard to provide for her family. I always see her doing such fun activities with Ryker and doing everything she can in a weekend to make up for time she misses spending with him while at work. Chan is a really great dad, I think something that stems the strong love he and Alisia have for each other is that they are both great parents and people. They are always so caring for their little one and have such strong bonds with each other.

I am so excited to spend next weekend with them in the mountains while they celebrate again with their second wedding!

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