May 10, 2016

Okanagan Wedding Photographer

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“I only fall in love with souls. I never fall in love with people. people change. They come and go. But a soul remains forever. I suppose that is why when i love, it is a deep love. An unconditional love… A forever love..”
~Annie Sloan

I met Jeff & Donna about 3 years ago. Jeff has known my husband since they were kids and it just made sense to meet up when we were in holidays in Kelowna. Throughout the last 3 years so much has changed, I got married, had another baby, and still each summer we would have awesome visits with these two. A couple years ago Donna’s father passed away which left us all heartbroken, especially Donna. Jeff & Donna’s wedding date they picked is her father Bill’s birthday. I couldn’t think of a better tribute to one’s father and to have someone be such an important part of a special day, without physically being there. Congratulations to you two, thank you a million times over for having me be the one to spend all weekend with you both, capturing every single ounce of love that everyone has for the both of you, especially between the two of you and for your little Sophia. I can’t wait for every visit we will have every year year after year as we grow in to not just old friends, but old family friends. I love you both.