June 24, 2016

Kim & Ryan


I went for my first time to Las Vegas last week and saw some pretty awesome stuff. It was a different experience being in such a busy and popular place like that from my usual road trips and camping trips. But being there my favorite part wasn’t even being there on the strip, it ended up being me and a couple renting a car and driving out to Red Rock Canyon at sunset to enjoy the hot day turn to a warm night, see all the truly red and vibrant stones, all the textures, the wildlife. It was truly amazing and just brings me back to a humbled state of what i love in life.

Aside from me and my experiences there, capturing every connection that Ryan & Kim have together was seriously mind blowing. They have been together for 23 years, married 2, and have 2 beautiful girls together. Their lives together have shared so many adventures and nothing but the strongest purest love. They weren’t afraid to show any ounce of it in front of the camera. Ryan himself is a landscape photographer, he’s amazing and it was a bit nerve wracking experience to shoot in such a beautiful place to try to combine capturing a connection and a landscape.

But here they are. The images of Kim & Ryan, in a beautiful place.