March 30, 2017

Lunar Eclipse Inspired Shoot

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To me, this is what dreams are made of ( did you start singing the song?)

Obviously, by now you know how much I love shooting dark and moody, but depending on environments, lighting, time of day etc, I can’t always shoot like that, I have to work with my settings, and really try to encompass what my clients see and what their vision is as well. But for this shoot, the room we set up in had a dark colored wall and windows that had full covers that I could really control my light. The dresses provided by wicked local talent Anya Dionne just blew my mind, they are a different kind of style wedding dress (they were actually two pieces) I just adore (especially now that I have a slight marble/watercolor obsession!).

Also, in most of my work, I shoot in natural locations like the mountains, lakes, ocean whatever you get the picture! but our location indoors was right downtown, and we did not want to leave too far, so we shot in downtown right during lunch hour in one of the busiest strips! I think I was a little crazy, or just forget that downtown is busy and that I’m never there, but alas! The setting totally suits the vibe we were going for unless we shot at moonlight which we did not haha.


A huge thank you to all the amazing vendors I was able to work with and meet!

Styling & Florals: Antheia

Brides Dresses: Anya Dionne

Grooms Wear: Ed Williams

Photography: Riana Lisbeth (me duh)

Venue: Teatro (Opera Room)


Cake: Bake My Day

Macarons: By Ollia

Rentals: Gathered table supply

Vintage Rentals: Orange trunk

Jewellery: Salt water tea jewelry 

Stationary: modern pulp design

Couple: kelseycolbourn and Tristan

By Vancouver Wedding photographer Riana Lisbeth