January 11, 2018

Tara & Kris | Calgary Wedding Photographer

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One of my stunning weddings from last year, Tara and Kris’ “backyard” wedding (this was somethings backyard?!?! Umm yes please!!) was filled with so many beautiful little moments and connections throughout the whole day. All the details handpicked and handmade by both Tara and Kris or their close family and friends. It was truly made as an event to bring people together, and closer. I was so lucky to be their Calgary wedding photographer, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.


linda stewart 21:51 January 11, 2018 Reply
oh my gosh, these are the most amazing, tear-filled wedding photos I have ever seen. the photographer has totally caught the love, the beauty and the depth of what it takes to get married. wow!!! I cried just looking at the beauty of these photos. tara you look so happy and so stunning. what a great life you are both about to experience. I am so happy for you both and because I am such a great friend of your mom's i'm just so happy because I know your mom is most likely the proudest mom, a mom to look up to, and such an amazing person. you guys are all one of the top family's that I am happy to call my friends. what a priviledge to meet your husband. what a great guy. and what a lucky guy to have you as his wife. I've known you (through your mom) for a long time and heard and watched you grow up and what an amazing girl you have become. I will never forget your 16th birthday party at the cottage. I will never forget judging such an amazing gymnast. I will never forget the time you held my son and helped him sleep. I will never forget what a beautiful person you are. Norma must be the proudest mom ever. xoxoxo