April 25, 2017

Vancouver Island Photographer- Camila & Jon

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Being on the Island, or just the west coast, in general, is such good therapy for me. I still cannot believe I just spent two days there shooting 2 couples and 2 boudoir sessions and they were just so amazing. The people, the scenes, just everything. I’m so grateful. I truly hope to be out and living somewhere in the next 5 years. It’s nice not to think of where specifically, and just knowing that anywhere out there we will all be so happy. We are meant for the sea.

On a side note though, aren’t these two just lovely? They have been married for 14 years and just look at the love and connection they have. It’s crazy! I met Camila last year at Canada Photo Convention, it was such an incredible learning experience and I made some new pretty fantastic friends. When I told her I wanted to come out to Victoria she was so hospitable about everything, offered her place (I ended up getting an Airbnb to shoot in) but she picked me up from the airport and right away we headed to Saxe point for our couples session. The sun was slowly setting, the weather was so mild and awesome. I just could not believe it, there I was in my favorite place doing what I love. Camila is also I super fantastic photographer, check her out! http://www.camilagargantini.com/people.

I cannot wait to be back. I hope I am able to make this a regular occurrence being a Vancouver island photographer! So definitely contact me if you have a wedding out in BC or on the Island or even want to shoot Boudoir!