April 25, 2017

Victoria Wedding Photographer-Beka & Tyler

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Oh these two! How rad are they?! In full spring mode on the island and it was freakin’ amazing. They had sparks flying everywhere and even I was swooning over their love for one another. Walking down the steps on the big cliff, hanging on the beach and huge rocks is all I need for my Saturday to be amazing (would have been better with my man and the girls but next time 😉 )

I am so happy these two contacted me when I said I was coming out there, these kinds of things make my heart so happy and believe in what I do. I am not just about taking pretty pictures, to me it is about really capturing those emotions and memories you have when you spend time with someone you love with your whole heart. I’m super pumped to head back sometime this summer! 

Interested in a session? Email me and tell me all about it! I’m only a quick flight or an amazing 10 hour drive away-HA!